Last Saturday in September!

Woodstown Fall Festival

Scarecrow Info

Participate in a great Woodstown tradition and show your community spirit by entering the Woodstown Fall Festival Scarecrow Competition. All businesses, groups, and individuals are encouraged to decorate a scarecrow that will be displayed throughout Woodstown during the fall season. We have over 100 scarecrow frames for decorating each year.

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Scarecrow Competition and Display
September 29 through October 31

WINNERS will be announced on the South Main St. stage at 1pm the day of the festival and via social media.

Please contact Rebekah Mulford at



for additional information.

Use your imagination to select a theme for your scarecrow. 

Prizes awarded!!

Judging will start at approx. 5pm on Friday, September 29, 2023.

Creating Your Scarecrow
Guidelines, Suggestions and Requirements

Thank you for participating in the Woodstown Fall Festival Scarecrow Contest. Create your own unique family-friendly scarecrow or a scarecrow representing your organization, sport, or business. It can be wild, funny, furry, silly, or ridiculous. Use your imagination. (Details below) 

Do you want to build a....Scarecrow? 

2023 Scarecrow contest info below!

Here are a few guidelines, suggestions and requirements for creating your scarecrow. *Scarecrows must be made/secured to the provided frame*Get creative within the idea of a “traditional scarecrow” - YOUR SCARECROW MUST CONTAIN SOME VISIBLE STRAW OR HAY.*NO cardboard or perishable items/water absorbing materials that extend beyond the frame provided 

1. Use your most creative ideas within the bounds of acceptable public display (no sexuality or profanity). Remember, this is a community celebration. The goal is to generate goodwill and a festive atmosphere. Political, profane and overly graphic displays are not permitted. The festival committee will remove any scarecrow deemed offensive. 

2. Secure scarecrow frames to assigned lamp post with zip ties, no tape.  You are responsible for getting your creation to the correct post before 5:00pm sharp on Friday, September 29. The earliest you may set up your scarecrow is the Wednesday before the festival. Judging will start at 5:30 pm on the Friday before the festival. 

3. Please construct your scarecrow for durability. We do not want your hard work blowing around town or wilting after the first rain. You may want to use chicken wire, corn husks and stalks, straw, rubber foam and other lasting products that will hold their shape after repeated wind and rain. Your scarecrow will be on display from the Friday night before the festival to October 31.

 4. All accessories must be securely attached to the scarecrow/post. Please make sure that accessories do not extend in such a way as to be hazardous to pedestrians or parked cars.   

5. DO NOT alter the scarecrow frame (they will be reused annually), but you may attach items to the frame as part of your creation.