Woodstown Fall Festival

Last Saturday in September!

2017 Woodstown Fall Festival Scarecrow Winners

Grand Prize              “God’s Messenger”  
                                Valerie Wiest, Woodstown Presbyterian Church

Business Category


First Place                     “The Bike Shop’s Scarecrow”   

                                    Mike Fraser


Second Place              “Beware of Burkey”

                                    Lauren Burke


Third Place                 “On the Way to Cape May”  

                                    Tracey Oandasan


Honorable Mention   “Golfing Fool”

                                    Steve Martin

Honorable Mention   “Fall in Love With 4th Friday”

                                    Andrew Ware, WPBA

Club/NonProfit Category


First Place                           “Miss Wolverine 2017/18 Pagaent Winner”

                                    Maureen Humphreys/ Scholarship Organization


Second Place              “Appel Farm, Keeping Up With Arts Education #ARTEDNOW”

                                    Maddie Sieber    Appel Farm

Third Place                 “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”

                                    Jennifer Garson

Honorable Mention   “There’s No Place Like Home”

                                    Delsea Restore

Youth Category

First Place                     “A Pirate’s Life For Me”    

                                    Colleen Black (ECLC and MSS)


Second Place              “It’s Good… To Be a Pirate”

                                 Stefanie Harvey   Woodstown Pirates


Third Place                 “Soaring to Success”

                                  Don Stecher


Individual / Family Category


First Place                  “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

                                    Elaine Urion


Second Place              Cheryl McGowan


Third Place                 “Wally at Work”                                                                                Danielle Applegarth       


The Janice Ruge Award

                                    “Campfire Ghouls”

                                    Margie Darlington

Most Original           “The Great Pumpkin Patch”

                                    Jennifer Garson

Harvest                      Bee Happy and Free

                                    Rebekah Mulford, Bee Inspired Yoga

Mayor’s Choice        “IT”

                              Lori Raggio

​2016 Scarecrow Winners
Grand Prize                “Willie Wonka” by Steven and Laura Stanton

Business Category

First Place                              “Pumpkin Spice”   

                                                Fulton Bank

Second Place              “The Wizarding World of Salon Nicole”

                                                Salon Nicole

Third Place                “Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee”  

                                                Bee Inspired Yoga

Honorable Mention   “Connor Cornfields”

                                                Sneakers and Spokes

Honorable Mention    “Fitness Man”

                                                Woodstown Physical Fitness

Club/NonProfit Category

First Place                              “Come Join Us to Serve the Community”

                                                Elmer Junior Grange

Second Place              “Uniting the Community Through Music”

                                                American Legion Band

Third Place                “ECLC Happy Campers”


Honorable Mention   “There’s No Place Like Home”

                                                Delsea Restore

Honorable Mention   Salem Senior Care

Youth Category
First Place                              “Upcycle Sea Turtles”          

                                                Ms. Lori Raggio and WHS Art Students

Second Place              “It’s a Pirate’s Life for Me”

                                                Woodstown Pirates

Third Place                “Odyssey, I Choose You”

                                         Odyssey of the Mind

Honorable Mention   “Home From the Pumpkin Patch”

                                                Devon Rogers

Individual / Family Category
First Place      “Practically Perfect in Every Way”

            Mary Poppins by Elaine Urion

Second Place              “Oscar the Grouch”

                                                Ryan Hitchner

Third Place                “Woodstown Kids”

                                                Lisa Lott

Honorable Mention   “Snolax Awakes For the Fall Festival”                                                         Nicole Seals   

The Janice Ruge Award

                                                “Mother Nature’s Bounty”

                                                April Hinman

Most Original             “Flower Pot Folks”

                                                Margie Darlington

Harvest                                   Cheryl McGowan

Mayor’s Choice          “Building an Education”

                                                Woodstown Middle School Student Council

​2015 Scarecrow Winners Thank you for another successful and fun Woodstown Fall Festival! 
The 2015 Scarecrow Winners can be found below:

GRAND PRIZE “The Perfect Boyfriend” by Laura Stanton

**Business Category**
First Place "A Jurassic Harvest” by Tracey Oandasan

Second Place “The Treasure Can Be Found at Great Clips” by Great Clips

Third Place TIE
Restore- Habitat for Humanity
“Sick Sal the Scarecrow” by The Sheahan Agency

Honorable Mention TIE
“Don’t Be Afraid to Fall ‘In Line’ With Yoga” by Rebekah Johnson of Bee Inspired Yoga
“The Perfect Boyfriend” by The Scarecrow Factory

**Individual / Family Category**

First Place: “Tall, Dark, and Malicious- One of Her Best Attractious” by Elaine Urion

Second Place: “Support Our NJ Farm Families – We Do!” by Liz Rogers

Most Original: “Candyland” by Papa Luigi’s

Harvest: “Happy Harvest” by Harvest Bank

Mayor’s Choice “Walt Disney- If You Can Dream It, You 
Can Do It” by MSS, Colleen Black

Janice’s Choice “Candyland” by Papa Luigi’s

Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thank you to all who participated.